Writer, Editor, Digital Strategist

Hi, I’m Alyssa – an editor and writer living in Brooklyn and originally from Boston. My writing has been featured in The Washington Post, VICE, Business Insider, Narratively, Bustle, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere.

As the editor of Macmillan’s Quick and Dirty Tips, I get to work where some of my favorite things – podcasts, websites, and books – all miraculously intersect. I oversee the network’s editorial vision and content partnerships. And, of course, I also edit stuff: features, blog posts, podcast transcripts, social media, newsletters, and even the occasional book.

I also have an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of New Hampshire, where I taught undergraduate writing classes. You can read a couple of my MFA thesis essays here and hereGet in touch to discuss my freelance rates, or even just to say hello and chat about street vendors.